What a glorious day! It is already 60 degrees and the sun is shining. As I sit here typing, I’m looking out my window to the Wando River. The sun is reflecting in bright gold on the water and there are already several boats out — probably people starting their weekend activities earlier than most 🙂 The palm trees are swaying gently in the breeze and I can’t wait to get back outside!!

My boys are so excited about this afternoon. Their Papa and Gram Gram are going to pick them up from preschool and spend the afternoon with them. My parents have been out of the country for two weeks and the boys are looking forward to walking over to the library from their house and then heading to the park.

Once again, life is surely good!

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Important Interruptions?!

Last night my son could not fall asleep. We had family over for dinner and it was quite inconvenient! He came to the stairs about an hour after I put him to bed and sweetly asked if I could come upstairs with him. At this point we were cleaning up and visiting with our family. Although I was in the middle of a task, how could I resist?!

I ended up spending about an hour talking with him and telling him stories. I enjoyed that special time so much! When I tucked him back in bed, he asked if I would climb up into his bunk bed (remember that I am seven months pregnant!!) and lie down with him for a few minutes. He always likes for me to sing to him before he falls asleep. At this point I was falling asleep myself! I climbed up there and sang to him as his eyelids started getting heavy.

As I quietly left the room, I realized how “task” oriented I am. So often I get caught up in tasks that I’m supposedly doing for others. I get easily frustrated if I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up and my children (or husband) need my attention and I have to stop what I’m doing. How silly! They are the priority. The tasks that I’m doing, I do for them. How often have I missed sweet moments because I was more wrapped up in the task than the one for whom I was doing it? My quiet time one morning this week was about the fact that God cares about people, not programs. I think that I saw that application in real life last night.

I hope that I can remember this perspective when I’m interrupted from something that I am doing, and realize that the interruption can often be a blessing in disguise.

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FYI… For those who have not owned a home in the last three years.

Since many of you have asked me about this credit, I’m pasting the details that I received from the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors. Although this doesn’t apply to most of my friends and clients, it may help to share this information with family and friends who are in a position to take advantage of this credit.

As Modified in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


AMOUNT OF CREDIT Maximum credit issued will be $8,000

ELIGIBLE PROPERTY Any single family residence (including condos, co-ops and townhouses) that will be used as the principal residence.

REFUNDABLE Yes. Reduces (or, can eliminate) income tax liability for the year of the purchase. Any unused amount of tax credit will be refunded to the homebuyer.

INCOME LIMIT?  Yes. Full amount of credit available for individuals with adjusted gross income of no more than $75,000 ($150,000 for a joint return).

Yes. Purchaser (and purchaser’s spouse) may not
have owned a principal residence in 3 years prior to

REVENUE BOND FINANCING Purchasers who utilize revenue bond financing can use credit.

REPAYMENT None, for purchases on after January 1, 2009 and
before December 1, 2009.

RECAPTURE None, unless the home is sold within three years of
the purchase. If the home is sold within three years
original purchase, the entire amount of credit is
recaptured upon sale.

TERMINATION December 1, 2009

EFFECTIVE DATE Effective as of January 1, 2009

Morning Photo


I took this when I got to work this morning. It was taken with my iPhone right outside my office. The photo doesn’t do it justice but it was a perfect morning!

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Charleston and signs…

Today was a great day! It was a little blustery but the sky was blue and the island is showing signs that spring is on the way! I noticed that the tulip trees have buds on them and that several plants in my garden are showing signs of “waking up”.

I had a planning commission meeting this evening. It seems my meetings are getting shorter and shorter since new development has slowed down significantly in Charleston. However, it’s always fun to go downtown during the hustle-bustle of the day. I love seeing the business crowd walking down cobblestone streets and into buildings that are centuries old! Chad and I go downtown often but it’s usually in the evenings for dinner or to wander around and take in the sights on the weekends.

One of the issues that came up at my planning commission meeting was proposed ordinance change regarding electronic signage in an area around the intersection of an interstate and a major state highway. The issue on the table was that places offering accomodations be allowed to utilize electronic signs in this area. I was bothered by this proposal since part of the charm of the City of Charleston is the fact that we do not allow this type of advertising. I was quite surprised to see this come before our board since Charleston has so many regulations to control signage, streetscape, usage, landscaping, development, and even street widths in order to preserve the integrity of our historic (and charming) city. It takes a lot of work to keep Charleston unique and not like the hundreds of cities that blend together along major arteries. Although this change only affected a small area, I was concerned that it opened the door to more of the same. I’m happy to say that the majority of the commissioners felt the same and that the motion did not pass.

This small incident caused me to really appreciate the city in which I live. As I drove home across the majestic Ravenel Bridge and saw the lights of the city and the soaring church steeples in my rear view mirror, I realized that all of this has not been preserved by accident. Generations of residents have worked hard to maintain the integrity of our city. Somehow Charleston has evolved into the perfect place to live. We get to experience the history and wonder of the area while enjoying the amenities and cultural events of a major metropolitan location. What once was a “closed” city run by those who had lived here for generations is now home to people from all over the country and all walks of life. It truly is the best of both worlds!

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Be Intentional.

Today was a busy day! I think all of us are a little under the weather. It was a sweet day, though. In the midst of all the hectic activities, I was able to spend about an hour with Colin. My car was low on fuel after I picked him up from school and he wanted to fill it up “like Daddy.” Since it was cold (and he’d never done it) I wasn’t wild about the idea. But — he asked very sweetly and I agreed. The first pump was broken. We drove over to another one and started the process. He had questions about everything! Why are there three kinds of gas? What would happen if gas got on me? Where does the gas come from? Do trucks put gas in the ground at the gas station? I found myself becoming impatient and wanting to hurry him. I then remembered what someone had said in Bible study last week about being intentional about the things that matter most to us. I slowed down, listened to my son, answered his questions, and let him be a “gentleman” and pump gas for his Mommy. What a sweet time we shared as I quieted my spirit and made sure that Colin had my whole heart and all my attention. We talked quite a bit on the way home and even sat in front of the house for about 20 minutes while he shared a dream that he had last night, a special game he played at school, and an experience that “hurt his heart.”

There was nothing new about the time we shared today. I love spending time with my sons and talking to them. However, today was special because I realized the importance of being intentional and living in the moment. Too often I’m worried about my list of things to do or whatever it is that I have to take care of in the next hour or so.

This evening I spent some sweet time with Davis as well. He was upset because it wasn’t his turn to build a Lego helicopter. He was also tired. I distracted him with a story and he then entertained me with stories of his own. He loved that the time we spent together was all about him!

Soon my sons will be of the age where I’m the one trying hard to get them to share their thoughts and their dreams. I want to treasure this time where they give me that gift freely. I’m sure that I will miss these special times. I’ve already experienced how quickly time flies!

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Today was a cool and blustery day on Daniel Island. I was able to spend the morning looking at homes with one of my dearest friends and her husband. We had a great time together! They have two daughters that are the same age as my sons and they are all great buddies. It is important for us to find the perfect home for them since they plan to be there until they have grandchildren!! I love the permanence of their dream. For Chad and I (who move every few years), this is a foreign concept. However, after hearing my friends today, it sounds enticing! They were so kind to treat me to lunch at a new island restaurant called Eddie’s Bistro. The food was phenomenal! Although the space is small, the menu is diverse and everything was prepared with the utmost care. I had Coconut Soup and Pad Thai — mmm… 🙂

The boys and I made cookies a little while ago and they are snug in their beds and chattering away. I don’t know where they find the energy — it is 9:45 pm! Chad just got home from a church league basketball game and is on the phone sharing the details of his game with his dad. I’m in the process of negotiating an offer on one of my listings. Soon I will head to bed. Life is truly full of simple blessings.

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Beautiful Photo

My friend and co-worker, Pat Stuckart, took this photo the other day. Where else can you see this in February?? One day I’ll learn to take photos like Pat…


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day! Chad and I are going out for dinner tonight since our church is having a pizza party for the kids so that parents can go out together 🙂 The boys and I worked on some really cool gifts for their Daddy this week and I can’t wait for him to open them…

Today is beautiful. 67 degrees and sunny! Although I had a crazy/ busy day, I got a lot accomplished. I attended my first Board of Directors meeting of 2009 for the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors. I feel very privileged to be a part of such a wonderful group of leaders in my industry! It’s exciting to see how committed the group is to changing and adapting to the present (and most importantly — future) needs of real estate practitioners.

I hope you enjoy a blessed Valentine’s Day. I came across this verse today that I’ll keep in mind as we celebrate LOVE:

Let us not love in words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

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Real Estate, etc.

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining and everything has that golden hue which reminds me of spring. The temperature is supposed to get up to 72 degrees today and I can’t wait to spend some time outside.

The real estate market here on Daniel Island seems to be picking up! Prices are still excellent and interest rates are low. It looks like people are becoming motivated by this combination. I’ve had more showings and appointments lately than I’ve had in a long time. Like everyone else, I’m praying that the economy improves and that the real estate market reaches a reasonable, sustaining level in the near future. Upon reflection, I hope that the craziness that overtook all of us in 2005 never takes hold again. I recently heard someone refer to the downturn that we are currently experiencing as the “hangover” that occurred after the unsustainable buying/lending frenzy. I think that’s a vivid description: it’s a hangover that has lasted for four (or more years) and has had far-reaching effects.

That said, there are still plenty of great deals out there. Resale and new homes are priced competitively and there are even some “short-sales” for those buyers who have time (and patience) on their side. Short sales are sales in which the bank allows a Seller to sell a home for less money than is owed to the bank. Most Buyers seem to think that short sales and foreclosures are the best “deals” on the market. This is not always the case. 

There are many listings that are priced just as attractively as the options I mentioned above. Sometimes this occurs because the Sellers purchased a property at an excellent price and can therefore sell at under market value. There are also Sellers who have the capability to cover a shortfall from their own funds instead of relying on the bank. Make sure you look all options if you’re in the market to buy something! I’ve had many Buyers tell me that they only want to look at short sales. If I didn’t take the time to educate them on the other possibilities, they would miss out on some of the other fabulous opportunities in real estate!

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Missing in Action

I had a crazy week and didn’t set aside the time I needed to write. Bad excuse, huh? Last week, I thought a lot about priorities. With a new baby on the way, I lean toward introspection. What is God’s plan for me as a mother? As a wife? As a daughter (both His and of my earthly parents)? As a friend or relative? As a REALTOR?  The big question is: Who am I?

I attended a Bible Study last week with several wonderful women at a church different from my own. It was truly fabulous and got me out of my comfort zone. We watched a video study led by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Kay Arthur. Priscilla was the featured speaker for this session and, boy, did she speak to me! She is probably my age and has three sons — of course I would relate to her. Here is the link to her monthly reflection for January. It is on her website but I’ve pasted the entire content below for you to enjoy: http://www.goingbeyond.com/box/box_jan09.asp

Divine Disguise

January 2009


For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. – Romans 8:19


The commercial immediately captured my attention. A svelte woman, clothed in an eye-catching running outfit, was striding like a gazelle in and out of neighborhood streets. “Chariots of Fire” type music bellowed in the background. Her neatly coifed ponytail bounced in step with each of her pavement pounding strides, while a few stray hairs whipped against the current of the morning wind. The glisten on her forehead collected into a single bead of sweat that dramatically ran down her temple towards her chiseled jaw line. Her expression was penetrating. There was no smile and no menacing frown just the certain look of determination. She wasn’t gasping desperately for air as if this was her first jog in decades. She was a seasoned runner—powerful, strong, and sure of herself. Her feminine legs and arms were defined and brawny. Indeed, she was a sight to behold: lean, swift, athletic, and beautiful.

The eye catching commercial hadn’t been coupled with a lot of distracting verbiage. Only at the very end, just when you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see what this ad was all about, did a deep, tenor say with passion:

“There’s an athlete among us . . . disguised as a wife and a mother. Nike . . . just do it.”


My rubber glove clad hands that were plunged deep in soapy dishwater fell motionless. I felt something in me leap. I was a wife and mother and the image of this woman made me feel like there was potential in me that I hadn’t tapped into. The marketing team at the Nike Corporation had done its job. I was inspired. Suddenly the “Chariots of Fire” music was roaring in my own head. I saw the short staccato steps that marked my usual jog exchanged for a long lean gallop that would cause people to admire my athleticism. I’d have the same fierce determined expression of this gorgeous woman. My hair would bounce and forehead would glisten just as her’s had. I’d be muscular, defined and strong. I’d be able to run miles at a fast pace without gasping for air once. I’d no longer have to stop and walk to catch my breath—no, not me. I was an athlete who had just been disguised as a wife and a mother.


Friend, you’ve been disguised. What’s your occupation? What do you do everyday? How do you define yourself?

Are you . . .

A wife

           A mother

                      An executive

                                            A manager

                                                       A single woman

                                                                  A ministry director

                                                                             A friend

                                                                                        A relative

This is not who you are. It’s your divine disguise.

You are a Christ-follower disguised as a _____________.

Fill in the blank.

All of creation is waiting for the Christ-follower in you to be revealed. Never let your daily activity veil the reality of your calling to manifest Christ to the world. Your colleagues, friends, relatives, spouse and children are sitting on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the unveiling of God’s daughters. They want to witness the power of God in us, be exposed to His Spirit operating through us, and experience His grace from us.

So, hear His love song ringing in your head and be inspired in this new year to come forth and be seen for who you truly are.

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