Important Interruptions?!

Last night my son could not fall asleep. We had family over for dinner and it was quite inconvenient! He came to the stairs about an hour after I put him to bed and sweetly asked if I could come upstairs with him. At this point we were cleaning up and visiting with our family. Although I was in the middle of a task, how could I resist?!

I ended up spending about an hour talking with him and telling him stories. I enjoyed that special time so much! When I tucked him back in bed, he asked if I would climb up into his bunk bed (remember that I am seven months pregnant!!) and lie down with him for a few minutes. He always likes for me to sing to him before he falls asleep. At this point I was falling asleep myself! I climbed up there and sang to him as his eyelids started getting heavy.

As I quietly left the room, I realized how “task” oriented I am. So often I get caught up in tasks that I’m supposedly doing for others. I get easily frustrated if I’m cooking dinner or cleaning up and my children (or husband) need my attention and I have to stop what I’m doing. How silly! They are the priority. The tasks that I’m doing, I do for them. How often have I missed sweet moments because I was more wrapped up in the task than the one for whom I was doing it? My quiet time one morning this week was about the fact that God cares about people, not programs. I think that I saw that application in real life last night.

I hope that I can remember this perspective when I’m interrupted from something that I am doing, and realize that the interruption can often be a blessing in disguise.

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