Haircuts and Heartstings

You’d never guess that I could get so attached to the girl who cuts my boys’ hair. Heather Waugh has been cutting their hair at “Bangs and Bows” since Colin was 2 and Davis was a baby. She is a wonderful woman with two boys of her own and she always does a great job on their hair. Once, when she was out of town, I took the boys to someone else. I left in tears and it took 6 months to get their hair back the wayI like it! Heather is kind to the boys and always lets them sit in a special airplane. She is gentle and loving and I always enjoy catching up with her. Here is a picture of Davis last fall. (I’m sure that he’d love me to show this around when he’s a teenager!)


Heather just told me that she’s moving to DC in August.  She’s getting married and her husband-to-be took a job there. I can’t believe how sad this makes me. In a little way, she has been a part of our lives for the last few years. She has taken care of my boys for most of their lives! I’m sure that most people can’t understand how I’m feeling. It’s silly but I feel a little lost.

Anyway, I wish Heather, Jaden, and Xavier the best of luck in their new life! However, my experience today made me realize that God puts often puts people in my life who touch me in small ways. It’s sad that I don’t realize that significance until something like this comes up. I’m sure that I’ll find someone else who will do a wonderful job with the boys.

But, I sure will miss the casual chats that Heather and I had every couple of months when our lives intersected.

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More Beekman Point Photos

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Easter Weekend

We had a beautiful Easter. The weather was perfect and it was wonderful to spend time with family.


The photo above was taken outside my parents’ house after church. We then went home, took some more photos in our yard, and then prepared to have everyone over for our Easter dinner.


We enjoyed a wonderful meal together! We grilled racks of lamb, Chad’s mom made corn pudding, jello salad, potato salad and asparagus, and my mom brought over a fabulous chocolate cake, dinner rolls, and drinks.

After supper (and watching the Masters), we went out to the Lake at Smythe Park and let the boys blow bubbles with their new bubble wands. It was lots of fun!

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Charleston Real Estate Sales Surge



Sales at their highest level since October 2008


CHARLESTON, SC—(April 10, 2009) The unprecedented number of showings in January and March have translated into higher sales volume, driven by incentives like the $8,000 tax credit, incredibly low interest rates and a great selection of reasonably-priced homes on the market. 


 The Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® report that the Lowcountry residential real estate market made significant sales gains in March, soaring 37% over February levels with 568 closed transactions.  The median sales price also increased nearly 3% month-over-month, climbing to $185,000.  The most movement in the market occurred in the $200,000-$249,000 range.


While below year-over-year levels, the increases in showings, sales and median price has led to cautious optimism among industry leaders.  “In addition to increased showings and closings, we’re seeing a lot of first-time homebuyers, which indicates that consumer confidence is on the rise.  People are realizing the incredible selection and value in this market, and making the smart decision to invest in real property” said Gettys Glaze, President of the Charleston Trident Multiple Listing Service.  March 2008 saw 752 closed transactions, with a median price of $197,500. 


There are 11,221 homes currently listed for sale with the Charleston Trident Multiple Listing Service, and 351transactions pending.  Average Days on Market (DOM) for this period was 142.



Sales in Dorchester County increased significantly for the second month in a row, up 29%, with 112 closed transactions.  The median price dipped slightly, to $161,000 after February’s unprecedented jump to $169,995.  Nearly half of the County’s activity was in the Ridgeville area—a total of 50 closed sales, with a median price of $171,300.



Charleston County was the leader in March sales, more than doubling closed transactions in February.  288 homes sold in March, compared to last month’s 180.  Median price held strong at $225,000.  Most of the market activity was concentrated in the northern portion of Mount Pleasant, which includes Park West, with 52 sales and a median price of $321,250. 



Sales increased 32% in Berkeley County in March with a total of 137 closings and resulted in a median price of $165,000, up 2% over February.  The most activity in the county was reported in Goose Creek/Moncks Corner (Highway 52 to Oakley Road) with 34 sales and a median price of $165,000. 

Beekman Point Information

I’ve uploaded photos of the Beekman Point homesites in the post below. These were taken on my iPhone so it’s difficult to get a true picture of how spectacular several are. ZB07-ZB09 have expansive views of the Wando River and most have beautiful marsh views. ZB04-ZB13 front to a beautifully landscaped park (currently being installed). There is also a quiet walkway that leads to a wooded area with river views. This greenspace is for all to enjoy and meanders down a path between ZB06 and ZB07.

Here is a rendering of the site:


Beekman Point Photos

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Flowertown Festival

We spent Sunday at the Flowertown Festival in Summerville. It was a lot of fun!


We found a parking spot close to the Children’s Carnival and spent most of our time there. The boys had a ball! While Chad and I enjoyed seeing the historic homes and the gorgeous azalea bushes, the boys pulled us from ride to ride. They couldn’t get enough! We started out with cars that spun around and then graduated to helicopter rides, jump castles, a spinning swing ride, the giant slide and more.




We were finally able to get away and get some good food at the “Taste of Charleston.” We found a quiet area on the grass near Azalea Park and had a little picnic. The boys were thrilled to get “up close” to a real firetruck!


 Of course we had to experience funnel cake as a family… it was divine! The boys had never tasted anything like it before and were a sticky mess by the time we were done. We drove home with smiles on our faces — covered in powdered sugar 🙂


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Easter Party and the beginning of Spring Break

Today was a gorgeous day. After dealing with buckets of rain for the last few days, it was wonderful to see the sun shining and the flowers looking radiant from all the rain. I was worried because today was the big Easter Egg hunt at the boys’ preschool. However, the weather was perfect and everything went off without a hitch.

Unfortunately, I did not get to see the Easter Egg hunt because I was busy inside the building. Before I knew that I was pregnant, I signed up to do Easter parties for the classes of BOTH my boys. What an undertaking! However, everything turned out perfect. Here is a picture of the party table in Colin’s class. Chad went outside to take photos of the boys at the hunt so I’ll post them later. All the kiddos had a great time!


It was a great morning. I remember how exciting spring break was as a little girl. We would always do something fun and out of the ordinary as a family. We love to continue this tradition, even if we don’t go on a big trip. Last year, Chad and I took the boys on mini-excursions around Charleston. We even ventured up to Myrtle Beach to hit the Ripley’s Aquarium and the IMAX.  At the time both boys were obsessed with the Grand Canyon and enjoyed learning all about it on the BIG screen.

This year, we’ll probably go to our aquarium downtown. They have a new penguin exhibit which looks like a lot of fun. The boys have been asking to see the Yorktown, and to camp out for one night. I don’t know if I need to do this with a baby due in 8 weeks so this idea might turn into a “guys night out” with Daddy!

Chad will be at the Masters for a day during spring break so we’ll try to have some fun “Mommy and Colin and Davis Time”. So far, all they’ve requested is to go to Target and eat pizza at Cici’s. I will happily accomodate both of these requests!

Well… I’m off to enjoy this glorious weather and the weekend 🙂

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March Real Estate Recap

March was a busy month on Daniel Island! Here is an activity report:

Residential properties that closed in March: 

2835714 – Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #3209, CHARLESTON, SC – $135,000
2903849 –
Details: 177 CARTRIGHT ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $385,000
2616885 –
Details: 125 PIER VIEW ST, #308, CHARLESTON, SC – $440,000
2831024 –
Details: 1867 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $520,000
2835434 –
Details: 1414 HOOPER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $544,459
2902267 –
Details: 4021 CROWN POINTE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $550,000
2819641 –
Details: 1989 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $560,000
2826289 –
Details: 1441 WANDO VIEW ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $639,900
2825311 –
Details: 1445 WANDO VIEW ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $642,563
2833583 –
Details: 1110 BLAKEWAY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $746,500
2722445 –
Details: 534 PARK CROSSING ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,425,000
2821760 –
Details: 47 IRON BOTTOM LN, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,200,000

Or Click Here to go view all listings at once.


Residential Properties that went under contract in March:

2632834 – Details: 1225 BLAKEWAY ST, #1205, CHARLESTON, SC – $234,000
2713441 –
Details: 1225 BLAKEWAY ST, #802, CHARLESTON, SC – $244,000
2903446 –
Details: 1702 SAILMAKER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $529,990

Or Click Here to go view all listings at once.

New residential properties that were listed in March:


2907015 – Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #9316, CHARLESTON, SC – $94,900
2909008 –
Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #9204, CHARLESTON, SC – $144,000
2906957 –
Details: 300 BUCKSLEY LN, #204, CHARLESTON, SC – $149,900
2908690 –
Details: 400 BUCKSLEY LN, #106, CHARLESTON, SC – $174,500
2906613 –
Details: 400 BUCKSLEY LN, #111, CHARLESTON, SC – $209,000
2907166 –
Details: 1225 BLAKEWAY ST, #1404, CHARLESTON, SC – $212,000
2906673 –
Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #11106, CHARLESTON, SC – $217,900
2908617 –
Details: 1225 BLAKEWAY ST, #803, CHARLESTON, SC – $245,000
2907395 –
Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #5208, CHARLESTON, SC – $250,000
2906901 –
Details: 130 RIVER LANDING DR, #8210, CHARLESTON, SC – $295,000
2907638 –
Details: 2251 DANIEL ISLAND DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,000
2906524 –
Details: 821 CENTER PARK ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $299,000
2907975 –
Details: 110 MELLISH CT, CHARLESTON, SC – $352,900
2907217 –
Details: 200 RIVER LANDING DRIVE, #H208, CHARLESTON, SC – $359,000
2906411 –
Details: 1880 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $379,000
2908912 –
Details: 2300 DANIEL ISLAND DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $392,900
2907195 –
Details: 1800 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $399,000
2906953 –
Details: 106 ETIWAN PARK ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $400,000
2906241 –
Details: 115 BOUNTY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $425,000
2908250 –
Details: 112 MELLISH CT, CHARLESTON, SC – $449,000
2907349 –
Details: 159 BRADY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $458,800
2906521 –
Details: 154 CARTRIGHT ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $459,000
2907385 –
Details: 307 SOUTH LADD CT, CHARLESTON, SC – $469,500
2905588 –
Details: 132 BRADY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $499,900
2907556 –
Details: 2030 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $518,000
2908274 –
Details: 1822 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $535,000
2907473 –
Details: 1151 BLAKEWAY ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $538,500
2907741 –
Details: 1402 WANDO VIEW ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $649,900
2907744 –
Details: 1418 WANDO VIEW ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $674,900
2908720 –
Details: 207 NORTH LADD CT, CHARLESTON, SC – $699,900
2907737 –
Details: 1727 SAILMAKER ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $699,900
2906194 –
Details: 1763 PIERCE ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $895,000
2907160 –
Details: 2431 SETTLERS ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $924,900
2906152 –
Details: 2433 DANIEL ISLAND DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $949,000
2906362 –
Details: 300 GINNED COTTON ST, CHARLESTON, SC – $985,000
2906266 –
Details: 615 ISLAND PARK DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,675,000
2906974 –
Details: 134 FAIRBANKS OAK ALLEY, #203, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,849,000
2908507 –
Details: 89 IRON BOTTOM LN, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,000,000
2907600 –
Details: 308 HIDDEN BOTTOM LN, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,495,000
2906172 –
Details: 643 ISLAND PARK DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $2,695,000

Or Click Here to go view all listings at once.


Homesites that closed in March:


2819540 – Details: 365 RHODEN ISLAND DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $1,650,000

Homesites that went under contract in March:


2821194 – Details: 400 ISLAND PARK DR, CHARLESTON, SC – $275,000

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