Haircuts and Heartstings

You’d never guess that I could get so attached to the girl who cuts my boys’ hair. Heather Waugh has been cutting their hair at “Bangs and Bows” since Colin was 2 and Davis was a baby. She is a wonderful woman with two boys of her own and she always does a great job on their hair. Once, when she was out of town, I took the boys to someone else. I left in tears and it took 6 months to get their hair back the wayI like it! Heather is kind to the boys and always lets them sit in a special airplane. She is gentle and loving and I always enjoy catching up with her. Here is a picture of Davis last fall. (I’m sure that he’d love me to show this around when he’s a teenager!)


Heather just told me that she’s moving to DC in August.  She’s getting married and her husband-to-be took a job there. I can’t believe how sad this makes me. In a little way, she has been a part of our lives for the last few years. She has taken care of my boys for most of their lives! I’m sure that most people can’t understand how I’m feeling. It’s silly but I feel a little lost.

Anyway, I wish Heather, Jaden, and Xavier the best of luck in their new life! However, my experience today made me realize that God puts often puts people in my life who touch me in small ways. It’s sad that I don’t realize that significance until something like this comes up. I’m sure that I’ll find someone else who will do a wonderful job with the boys.

But, I sure will miss the casual chats that Heather and I had every couple of months when our lives intersected.

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