Well, I’m gearing up to head back to work soon.

I have loved this unencumbered time with all three of my boys. I realize how blessed I am to have a career that I thoroughly enjoy and that my office is five minutes from home. My assistant Heather has been amazing in my absence but I know she’ll be glad to have me back in the office!

I’ve actually enjoyed working from home more than I imagined. With today’s technology, I haven’t missed a beat! My iPhone and laptop are all that I need unless I’m meeting face to face with clients and, truth be told, I think I’ve been more productive working in my home office without the distractions inherent to my real office!

That said, I will miss spending every minute with my little baby Miles…

Birth Announcement


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Life with three

July 26, 2009

It has been a long time since I’ve written! Life with three has proven to be busy, messy, exhausting, and altogether wonderful.

Miles is an amazing baby. Chad and I often comment that he couldn’t be any cuter! The boy has a serious head of hair!

 So much hair!

He is engaging and alert and has a very sweet personality. We are thrilled that he is easy going and is a great sleeper. He actually slept for eight hours last night!! After seven weeks of less than three hours of sleep at a time, I feel like a new woman.

Miles and mom

Colin and Davis are such wonderful big brothers. They always want to snuggle with Miles and are so helpful. They love telling the baby stories and making up songs to sing to him.

Big Boys Drawing

Our summer has been very sweet. We have enjoyed being together so much. We spent a couple of weeks up in Highlands, NC and had a super time. The big boys were so disappointed when we left the mountains. They ask us each day when we can go back. The way the weather has been lately, we’ll be back up in no time!

Highlands Nature Hike 

We’ve spent time at the Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, Ready, Set, Jump, No Limits, Discovery Zone and (of course) the pool. It has been a blast! My parents got tickets from a friend to use a box at a Riverdogs game and we had a blast with our family and friends. Miles enjoyed his first baseball game too!

Guys with the Riverdog


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