I love traditions. I think they become part of the fabric of a family. My family had a few great traditions growing up but they were nothing compared to Chad’s family. The Johnsons have traditions for just about everything and I love it!

On St. Patrick’s Day, Chad’s mom has made corned beef and cabbage for as long as Chad can remember. There are many advantages to living so close to them –tonight they brought over corned beef, cabbage, cheese sauce, potatoes, carrots, green jello, and green coffee cake. What an awesome meal. At one point, I sat back and just looked at everyone. I wondered what traditions Chad and I will pass down to our children. What will “stick”? Do we actually have any traditions at all?

After thinking about it, I realized that we have everyday traditions and special occasion traditions like everyone else. We pray before meals and with our each of our children every night. We collect all birthday money from relatives and spend it at Toys R Us on their actual birthdays. We sing the same songs at bedtime. We check on the boys and re-tuck them in each night before we go to sleep. We make a Christmas photo book each year to preserve our memories. We go to Sweet Treats for ice cream when we go to the mountains. We order pizza and the boys wear their jerseys for the first Clemson football game of the season. We make special breakfasts on the weekends. We play Uno on vacations. We write down things we are thankful for during the month of November. We always buy new Christmas PJs. We spend New Year’s Eve with several of our dear friends. We watch Elf every Christmas. We visit James Island to see the Christmas lights. We buy coordinating Easter outfits. We sit on our top porch on the fourth of July and watch the fireworks over the lake. When we’re doing these things, they don’t really feel like traditions but I guess that they are!

I love Noel Piper’s book Treasuring God in Our Traditions. It got me thinking about traditions in a different way. How traditions help provide families with stability. How the anticipation of them is part of the fun.

Another tradition is wearing a silly hat on our birthdays. Here’s Davis at 4 and 5.

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