About Angie Johnson

I love this place!” exclaims Angie Johnson as she describes Daniel Island. “Our community has so much to offer – the proximity to downtown Charleston, the beaches and even the airport – all were part of our decision to relocate here.”

Angie and her husband Chad moved to Daniel Island from their hometown of Spartanburg, S.C. in 2001. Happily, once two of their three children were born, her parents decided they, too, would make Daniel Island their home and moved here from San Antonio, TX. Soon afterward, Chad’s parents followed in their footsteps and also moved to Daniel Island from Spartanburg, SC. Angie is certain that all the grandparents will have their fill of “spoiling” the grandsons!

“Daniel Island is a wonderful place to raise a family,” says Angie. “Our boys love it here, and their imaginations thrive.” A favorite family outing is to the lake at Smythe Park, where they cook-out on the small island in the lake. “The boys call it “Adventure Island,” and are constantly coming home with pockets full of leaves, acorns, sticks and feathers. They also love hiding their treasures on the island and seeing if they are still there when we return.”

In addition to balancing her family and her career with Daniel Island Real Estate, Angie is a member of the City of Charleston Planning Commission. This nine-member citizen advisory group is appointed by the Mayor to provide feedback to the City Council on planning-related issues. Click here to read a recent article about Angie’s role as a Planning Commissioner. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors (where she is the Vice President of Governmental Affairs), and the Board of Directors for the SC Association of Realtors.

Angie has been recognized as one of the top 1% of REALTORS in Charleston for several consecutive years and has also received the prestigious PRISM award from the Charleston Trident Homebuilder’s Association for Salesperson of the Year. According to MLS statistics, Johnson has closed over 300 properties resulting in more than $177 million in sales on Daniel Island since she began her real estate career with Daniel Island Real Estate in 2003.

Angie’s contact information is below:

101 River Landing Drive

Daniel Island, SC 29492

Direct Line: 843-971-3522

Office Number: 843-971-7100

Mobile: 843-810-3860


Family at Disney


The Birth!

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  1. Angie, Oh my goodness. I have just looked through every month of your blog. Absolutely adorable. 3 BOYS! Wow. I know you have your hands full. Hope all is well. Marsha

    • Thanks Marsha! I miss you… let’s get together soon. Hands are full but what a blessing those boys are! Any little Hunters on the horizon? Hugs, Angie

  2. Just found your blog. Terrific!

    • Thanks John! I appreciate it 🙂

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  4. thanks for the pictures. So glad we could be there for Miles’ birthday celebration. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Have a great day and give all 4 boys our love. see you soon.
    Papa & Gram Gram

  5. Hi Angie,

    I just moved to Daniel Island last week, but have been in love with it for about 4 years. Your blog is terrific! (Gary & Michelle highly recommended it) Great information. I have two little ones and we are so excited to be here. What a wonderful place to raise children – it is all about the quality of life. I would love to meet you (I know you are busy). Maybe we could meet at the park with the kids one day?


  6. Hi Angie,
    My name is Bryan Baldwin. My wife and I purchased 1548 Wando View last summer. Today is the first day of construction on our property. We plan to move there full time in the summer of 2013. We think the neighborhood is awsome and will be great for our children. As for now, we spend the whole summer in SC. We stay on Hilton Head from July 9th until the 23rd. The rest of the summer we stay on Folly returning to NY at the end of August. If you have any suggestions please let me know. (A few pictures of our construction would also be great.) I enjoyed your blog as well as the information you provided.
    Bryan Baldwin.

    • Hi Bryan!
      Great to hear from you. Looks like we’ll be neighbors soon. Enjoy your summer in SC and, if I think of it, I’ll shoot you some photos of your house. How exciting! BTW, I don’t use this blog anymore. The new one is located at http://www.lifeinthelowcountry.net. I’m quicker to respond on that one! Best of luck with your move.

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