Nine years ago today:

I had a very normal morning. No children yet. Working for the State Dept. Of Ed at a school in N. Charleston.

A teacher came into my office and told me to turn on the radio (it was a poor school) because a small plane had crashed into a skyscraper in NYC.

I listened in in complete confusion as other faculty poured into my small, windowless office to hear the commentators try to make sense of what was happening on CBS radio.

I remember the utter horror and disbelief I felt when I heard another plane crashed into the second building and that both were in flames.

Ran to the cafeteria, sent students back to their home rooms, and turned on the TVs just in time to see the first tower collapse on live TV. That image is forever seared into my memory. Watching in shock as the other collapsed and people fled in every direction.

I remember going back to my office and hearing on the radio that all flights were being grounded. I walked outside and the air above Charleston was filled with planes waiting to land.

The radio confusion about a plane hitting the Pentagon and the “missing fourth” airliner.  When they finally found United 93, they said it was going to be shot down. We later learned that courageous people crashed it intentionally to save the lives of others. “Let’s Roll” took on a new meaning.

Frantically trying to get in touch with my dad, a resident of Manhattan, only to be face with jammed phone lines. Thanking the Lord when we finally connected. He was there in NYC and didn’t believe me when I told him the towers had collapsed. All electricity in his office building had gone out and the phones had not been working. He knew only of a plane crash. Amazed that I knew more than he did. Learned that his only personal loss was his laptop computer which was being repaired in One World Trade Center.

Remembering the many trips we made to the towers growing up and how Papa used to work in one of them.

I remember watching the news with a deep sense of foreboding for days. Schools, jobs and sporting events cancelled. Flights grounded. Wondering what would happen next? I couldn’t tear myself away. I’ve never been more frightened in my life.  The death toll increased to a magnitude I could hardly comprehend. It seemed so senseless and unspeakably cruel. The posters of people looking for loved ones moved me deeply, making the horror more real to me.

Strange names and foreign lands filled the news. I remember thinking: What have we ever done to Afghanistan? Who is Osama Bin Ladin and why does he hate us so much? Al Qaeda, Taliban?

I remember taking comfort in the many stories of bravery and self-sacrifice that emerged over the next few days. Flags flew in unlikely places. Every vehicle on the road sported a patriotic bumper sticker. Our country came alive with a common cause.

I thought that things would never be normal again after such great loss.

Yet here I am, almost embarrassed…

That I can sit on my front porch swing watching my boys play in the yard while I type this post on my iPhone, while those who sacrificed greatly for my safety may not have that same luxury today. That this afternoon I will go watch a friend play in a tennis tournament and then watch college football. That life is so… normal.

That, as I type this, the flag on our front porch is waving in the breeze and I realize it has been a long time since I looked at it and reflected on all it stands for.

I say I will never forget. But as time passes, I want to be sure that I really never do… Not just on September 11th, but I want the lessons learned on that fateful day to become part of who I am — not just a distant memory.

May I always remember.

Photo of towers courtesy of my friend Kelly Benedict’s  Facebook photos.

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This kid cracks me up!!

I don’t know what it is about Miles but he makes me laugh all the time! He has an impish look (as seen in the photo) that makes me think he has more going on inside his little mind than I can imagine. I’ve always read that third children are charmers and entertainers. Well, he is definitely both those things! A friend of ours recommended that we read Kevin Leman’s Birth Order Book. I have to say that Dr. Leman has all three of our boys pegged… he is right on the money! I’m so thankful for the laughter this little guy brings to our life.

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Back in the Saddle

After a busy first week of school, we sure enjoyed the weekend!!

We played games, built Lego vehicles, watched the Wizard of Oz, and ate good food. Boys are messy and loud (and it seems that every mosquito in Charleston found Davis while he was blowing bubbles in our yard yesterday), but they are inexplicably sweet. They have no idea why I’m always telling them to quiet down, clean up, use good manners, clip their nails and to come inside when mosquitoes are biting them instead of trying to catch them in a net! You see, I’m preparing them for their future wives who will appreciate my efforts 😉 But —  I love the crazy chaos of our household; even when it’s driving me crazy.

This morning, 5:30 came really early for me. But, once we got it going, I felt as if we were finally back in the saddle. The fall semester is in full swing.

Here are some fun photos from the past week:

Movie time!

Miles LOVES Mac & Cheese

Andolini’s Pizzeria

I love these special times with our family and appreciate it even more now that the bigger boys are back in school.

Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.

A “lost” post recovered

The first week of school is behind us and we are starting the second one. My post from last week didn’t work from my iPhone so here it is:

August 16th, 2010

Well… Colin and Davis happily entered their classes this morning. There were no problems (except a teary-eyed mother!) Davis kept saying, “I’m thrilled to be in Kindergarten!” He was giddy with excitement. Their sweet teachers were so well-prepared for the morning and everything was perfect. On our way to school, it’s our routine to pray for our day. Today we prayed for a year filled with encouragement, friendship, and learning. I’m excited about watching the year unfold and seeing my children flourish. We love our school and know that they are in great hands with their teachers!

Here are a couple of photos. They are blurry but sweet memories. Colin took Davis by the hand and took him to his class. Precious 🙂

Goodbye Summer…

Where did the summer go?? I can’t believe that school begins again tomorrow. Colin is starting 1st grade and Davis is starting Kindergarten. You wouldn’t think that I’d have such a hard time with this but I really am struggling.

We had an absolutely magical summer. We celebrated two birthdays and Chad and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. We shared awesome time with family and friends and spent parts of the summer in a few beautiful places.

I’m increasingly aware of the fact that God gives us only so many days to spend on this earth. It’s up to us how we spend them. I’m always a little nostalgic at the end of summer vacation… I love this time with my family where schedules are a little looser, spontaneity is the norm, and family time trumps everything else. Goodbye summer…

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Happy SEVENTH Birthday to Colin!

Well, it has been a full month. June brought us Miles’s 1st Birthday, our 11th wedding anniversary, the passing of Chad’s maternal grandfather, Colin’s 7th Birthday, and Father’s Day. What a month! It has certainly been emotional for our family. Sorry for the delay in sharing… here are some photos from Colin’s big day:

Good Morning Colin! Happy 7th Birthday! (The boys camped out in the playroom the night before).

Miles and Papa wanted to wish Colin an early morning “Happy Birthday” too!

Toy Story 3 was the theme for our birthday table.

After a fun morning at Vacation Bible School (where we celebrated with a Cookie Cake), we headed to the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry for a fabulous party. The staff planned a beautiful party for “King Colin” and the other knights and princesses. Everyone had a great time. If you’re considering a birthday party in Charleston, this is the best venue I’ve experienced. Christine took care of everything and Crystal (our party hostess) was AWESOME with the children.

After the festivities at the Childrens Museum wrapped up, we headed to Taco Boy for a GREAT birthday dinner.

And then we went home to open presents.

We got Colin new golf clubs so that he’s ready to play with Daddy and Poppy.

Apparently Miles would like to play golf too!

We ended the evening by watching Toy Story 2 on DVD  (in new Toy Story PJs) and building towers with Colin’s new Citiblocks. It was truly an awesome day. The day wouldn’t have been complete without our traditional photo in the “birthday hat” though!

Colin is my firstborn son. I remember the shock of the first moment I looked into his eyes. I was filled with a love for this little baby that I can never put into words. I knew that I would love my child but I did not expect the fierce emotion that welled up in me. This happened with both my other boys too but the sheer strength of emotion shocked me because it was so unexpected.  I can’t believe that was SEVEN years ago. I’m so grateful that God chose us to be Colin’s family! I pray that we raise our boys well.

Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to your children and your children’s children…
Deuteronomy 4:9 ESV

Happy FIRST Birthday Miles!!!

Miles’s very first birthday was on June 1st. We had a ball! There are a lot of photos in this post so I’ll let the pictures tell most of the story…

Unlike my mom, I’m no cake decorator! Mom offered to make the cake for Miles but I insisted on doing it late at night on the 31st.

We celebrated with Miles’s first trip to the beach. We live 10 minutes away, but there hasn’t been a “good” time to take him in the last 12 months.

The expressions on the big boys’ faces in the photo below made me laugh. Were they jealous? They had cupcakes too!!

Then it was home for a nap and more celebrating!

The gifts were a hit! It’s always hard to know what to get for a one-year old. For my EIGHT friends who have babies turning one in the next six weeks, here are some highlights:  My folks did awesome with a Leapfrog Learning Table. Miles plays with it non-stop.  My brother’s family gave Miles a V-tech bug that he can pull around. It lights up and plays music. Great gift but needs a volume adjuster for the parents! Miles loves it though. Chad and I found this toy (I don’t know what you call it but the photos are below) at Target. Our pediatrician has something like this in the waiting room and kids seem to love it. Miles did too 🙂

Then we were ready for cake. Miles did not like our tradition of special birthday hats. He wouldn’t keep it on his head. It reads “I’m ONE today”.

And of course we have to get a photo of Papa and Gram Gram!! Miles isn’t looking at the camera but his sweet grandparents are.

It was such an awesome day. It couldn’t have been any better! I am reminded yet again of how unbelievably blessed we are.

Psalm 127:3 – Behold, Children are a gift of the Lord.

And here’s how my youngest “gift” acted when I kept putting that hat on his head… this photo cracks me up!! 🙂 Life is more than good.

Blog Vacation?

Apparently I subconsciously decided to take a blogging vacation!

Davis graduated from preschool recently and Colin graduates from Kindergarten on Friday. Then we’re in for the whirlwind month of June. I’m in the midst of planning Miles’s first birthday and Colin’s seventh birthday. Add our 11th wedding anniversary and Father’s Day to the mix and June is shaping up to be a very eventful month!

As you can tell, so much has been going on lately. Work has been incredibly busy and the end of school is always a super-challenging time 😉

Here are some recent photos:

Since we missed the ice-cream truck, the boys decided to have banana popsicles on the porch. Once Miles tasted Colin’s, we couldn’t keep him away!

Miles now has FOUR teeth and is getting HUGE.

Colin and Miles at a picnic at Waterfront Park on Sunday. Boy do  these kids need haircuts — again!!

Davis relaxing on our porch swing before sunset. We had a lot of fun on that evening. We all sat out on the porch until the first stars came out. We put candles on the table so that the porch light wouldn’t interfere with seeing the stars. Even though it was a school night, it was a great memory!

Here’s Miles looking like such a big boy!

On another evening, we all went down to the waterfront after the boys were already in their PJs. Of course, our reason for going was to look at the cargo ships!

Davis at his graduation from preschool

As you can see, life is crazy, busy, and WONDERFUL! I’m so thankful for the many blessings God has given me 🙂