A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

After church on Sunday, we loaded up the family on our golf cart and headed to Vespa, one of our favorite restaurants on DI. The weather was perfect and we sat out on the patio. Vespa is owned by island residents and the food is spectacular. If you make it there, ask for Kevin — server extraordinaire! He’s wonderful and pays close attention to detail. My personal fave is the Bianca Pizza with a Caesar Salad but the sandwich of the day is usually awesome too.

After leaving Vespa, we went over to Beekman Point where the big boys enjoy playing. Miles basked in warm sunshine and played with grass in the park (nicknamed “Grassy Fields Park” by Colin), while Colin and Davis got to work building their “tree house for animals”.  I’m constantly amazed (and convicted) at how imaginative my children are when they don’t have any toys! Even Miles was entertained by picking up little pieces of grass and transferring them from one hand to the other.  It beats buying new Fisher Price toys for every stage of development!!

Thank the Lord for sunny Sunday afternoons 🙂

Beekman Point Information

I’ve uploaded photos of the Beekman Point homesites in the post below. These were taken on my iPhone so it’s difficult to get a true picture of how spectacular several are. ZB07-ZB09 have expansive views of the Wando River and most have beautiful marsh views. ZB04-ZB13 front to a beautifully landscaped park (currently being installed). There is also a quiet walkway that leads to a wooded area with river views. This greenspace is for all to enjoy and meanders down a path between ZB06 and ZB07.

Here is a rendering of the site: