It’s hard to say good-bye

We said our final good-byes to Travis (Chad’s brother), Amy, Lilli, Patton and Aidan yesterday afternoon. As I mentioned before, they are leaving for Uganda where they will serve as missionaries in the village of Bundibugyo.

The cousins had a very sweet time together. We met at Lake Keowee (where Amy’s parents havea  condo on the lake) and enjoyed being with them — trying to soak it all in.

The weather was terrible as we traveled. It amazes me that we had snow and ice in upstate SC! It was well worth the trouble to spend this last bit of time with them.

The photo above was at a gas station in Spartanburg, SC. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We enjoyed a great brunch together and Davis had his first taste of crab legs! We couldn’t get him away from the table. He loved cracking them open and using the “cute little fork” to dip them in the drawn butter. He had strep throat a week ago and lost a lot of weight so we were glad to see him enjoying food again!

Lilli & Colin created a little “store” under a table at the condo. They found items from all over the place and charged us 25 cents for each item we purchased. I had to buy back an apple for a snack yesterday! They said that they were doing it so that they could earn money for Uganda. They named the store AppleBirds and had a ball with it for several hours.

We played Dominoes, watched movies, went for walks around the lake, and played “find the rubber band” (yet another made up game).

I hope the boys will have special memories of our time together. So much will have changed by the time we see our family again. We are confident that God has called them to serve and are excited for all that He is going to do through them.

However, it is still hard to say good bye.

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Our Crazy, Wonderful Family

The holidays were an absolute joy! We loved having the entire Johnson side of the family on Daniel Island for a couple of weeks. The photo above is of all the members of the Johnson side of our family (with the exception of Miles ~ since Chad and I were heading to a New Year’s Eve gala and he was blissfully sleeping!)

So… this time is now bittersweet. Nate and Rossana have headed back to Venezuela where they are joyfully serving in Caracas. Nate is the director of an international school in Caracas and Rossana works for Chevron.

Travis and Amy are about to take their family (Lilli – 5, Patton – 3, and Aidan  – 9 weeks) to Bundibugyo, Uganda at the end of the month. They will serve as missionaries there for at least four years. It was hard to say goodbye to them a couple of days ago but we are thankful that our world is now so small. Thanks to modern innovations, we will be able to email them and they will have cellular phone service in the remote village. Just a few short months ago, we were praying that they would have electricity. Prayers have been answered and electricity is on the way to Bundibugyo! It has been a blessing to see how God has taken care of them every step of the way.

Below is an excerpt from their blog ( If you think of it, please pray for them during this difficult time of transition.

Church Planting and Medical Missions 

Travis and Amy are moving to Bundibugyo Uganda to be apart of the World Harvest Mission team.  Bundibugyo is on the boarder of Uganda and Congo where the unreached people groups of the Babwisi, Bakanjo and Pigmy tribes live.  The mission includes a church plant in Nyahuka town with a heart to reach out to the surrounding areas with the Gospel and translate the Scripture into their languages.  There is also Christ School Bundibugyo where over 300 Ugandan children are learning how to be cultural leaders with a heart for true redemption.  The medical team works with the local hospital helping through treatments and nutrition programs to decrease the child mortality.  Currently one out of five children die before the age of five.  Travis and Amy hope to help out with the medical projects and the school as well as establish a missionary discipleship program for developing world missions.  The team is praying for 5 new mission plants around Africa in the next 10 years.

Currently their are 17 members of the team in Bundibugyo and 8 in Sudan.