Vacation Blues

I’m sleepy today. Not exhausted but just sleepy! Too much to do after being gone for a week. But… it was a truly awesome week and well worth it.

I don’t know how it happens but work seems to multiply when we’re away. Business work, housework, homework, tax-time work (I hope our patient accounting firm isn’t reading this!), and a myriad of other things that need to be done. I’m sleepy just thinking about it all!

But enough about that. Our time in the mountains was absolutely magical. I love it when we have no agenda and no schedules to keep. We can simply enjoy our time together. Β Chad’s family has had a place in Highlands, NC since he was a little boy. It’s so much fun to see the boys experiencing things that Chad experienced with his brothers when he was little. Here are some of our photos:

Sunset Rock

The Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove

Sweet Treats (our favorite ice cream shoppe)

The Amazing Rescue Copter

We came home on Friday so that Chad could go to the Masters on Saturday. He had an awesome time and brought home some goodies for us! He got the big boys hats, a caddy bear for Miles, and a great little Masters pouch for me.

And yes, I know that Miles needs a haircut (and so does Davis). After a week of using a hairclip (much to the dismay of his daddy), I got Miles’s hair cut today. This is his THIRD hair cut and he is only 10 months old! He’ll love this photo when he’s in middle school:

As much as I love being on vacation, it’s always great to come home to a place that you love. The Family Circle Cup is in full swing this week and the weather is gorgeous. Β I still think this is the most beautiful place on the east coast!

Hope to be back in the saddle tomorrow. I need a bunch of energy for the big week ahead but I’m so thankful for the little break from “real life” that we had last week. Glad that Colin’s spring break from Kindergarten turned into a fun family vacation!! πŸ™‚

I can feel it coming…

I can smell it in the air… spring must be right around the corner! After an inexplicably cold winter (don’t laugh, my northern friends!!), the cherry blossoms are blooming, doves are making nests, and I am SO excited.

These little guys are nesting outside our office window. Of course you’ll notice that the photo is so much better than my usual photos since it was taken by Pat Stuckart (our IT guy at my office) with his amazing talent (and amazing camera)!

Colin is so excited about playing golf with Chad again! They haven’t been out on the course together in a while. I have a feeling that they’ll be out there this week, now that the weather is so nice. It’s hard to keep a six-year old engaged for a round of golf but Colin really enjoys the fresh air and time with Dad.

Spring “things” are happening all around. The Charleston Food and Wine Festival was last weekend and all around Daniel Island there is evidence that the Family Circle Cup is close at hand. I don’t know a whole lot about tennis but I love the excitement that the tournament brings to our neighborhood each year.

Yesterday I got to have lunch here on DI with a dear friend at Laura Albert’s Tasteful Options. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was a welcome break during a busy day!

And, of course Miles got to enjoy the nice weather too!! Spring, I’m so thankful that you’re here πŸ™‚

Sunday on Daniel Island

I’m so excited that it has finally warmed up! What a perfect day. Poppy and Grammie took the boys to church this morning and we had a wonderful brunch in the Grill Room at the Daniel Island Club. I hate missing church but am still really apprehensive about putting Miles in the nursery when there are so many sick babies right now. What a blessing that our church posts the service on iTunes so that I can still hear the message πŸ˜‰

I’m crazy about the fact that it’s the beginning of March and we sat out on the porch and watched the golfers come in on the 18th holes of both the Beresford Creek Course and the Ralston Creek Course. The tide was high and we watched the boats in the creek across the marsh. It was SO relaxing! Just what I needed today. I wish my iPhone took better photos but it’s better than nothing…

Everything looks SO beautiful. The grounds around the island are really coming to life and I feel that spring is finally in the air!

The food was super and Stephanie Tate, one of our favorite servers, took such great care of us. It’s awesome to have a place like this for our family to gather and visit! Sitting on the porch is ideal for the boys. They love the fresh air and watching what’s going on beneath. If Miles hadn’t been hungry, we probably would have stayed and visited with the grandparents for another hour.

So now Colin and Davis are out riding their bikes with Chad & Poppy. Miles is fast asleep. I’m looking forward to the Weather Channel’s prediction of more good weather this week — we’re already making plans to go to the beach!

It doesn’t get much better…this is why I love living in Charleston πŸ™‚