A “lost” post recovered

The first week of school is behind us and we are starting the second one. My post from last week didn’t work from my iPhone so here it is:

August 16th, 2010

Well… Colin and Davis happily entered their classes this morning. There were no problems (except a teary-eyed mother!) Davis kept saying, “I’m thrilled to be in Kindergarten!” He was giddy with excitement. Their sweet teachers were so well-prepared for the morning and everything was perfect. On our way to school, it’s our routine to pray for our day. Today we prayed for a year filled with encouragement, friendship, and learning. I’m excited about watching the year unfold and seeing my children flourish. We love our school and know that they are in great hands with their teachers!

Here are a couple of photos. They are blurry but sweet memories. Colin took Davis by the hand and took him to his class. Precious 🙂

More Photos of the Boys

All right… many of you have asked me to post new photos of the boys. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Miles earlier today:


Miles a couple of weeks ago: 


 Davis’s first day of school:


Colin and his friend Sam in Greenville.


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My baby starts Kindergarten on Tuesday :(

August 14, 2009

Where does the time go?? Colin starts kindergarten on Tuesday. KINDERGARTEN!!! I remember the day he was born and the first time we made eye contact like it was yesterday.

I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with this. A better mom would be so excited for her child! Maybe it’s because kindergarten seem so… final. Once you get on the “school train” it doesn’t stop until you go to college.

This summer has been a big one for Colin. He has become a determined young man with a will of his own. He has learned to dive, ride a bike without training wheels, do chores, and even completed a hike up and down Whiteside Mountain (that usually leaves most adults huffing and puffing) with amazing ease. He is reading well, writing beautifully and has become quite the little artist. Since he played flag football and t-ball last year, and completed golf and tennis camp again this summer, Colin has decided to play soccer this fall and is very coordinated.

Chad's Iphone July 09 008

August 2009 iPhone 002

We bought his uniforms for school a few days ago and I’m washing and ironing them today to get ready for school. He has a new lunchbox and school supplies so we’re ready to go.


I won’t let Colin see my tears on Tuesday but I’m sure that I’ll be shedding them!! Please pray that I won’t pass my feelings of anxiety and sadness along to my little guy. This weepy, sentimental mommy wants him to have a FANTASTIC first day and school year. After all, as good parents, aren’t we supposed to prepare our children to be independent? 😉