Charleston and signs…

Today was a great day! It was a little blustery but the sky was blue and the island is showing signs that spring is on the way! I noticed that the tulip trees have buds on them and that several plants in my garden are showing signs of “waking up”.

I had a planning commission meeting this evening. It seems my meetings are getting shorter and shorter since new development has slowed down significantly in Charleston. However, it’s always fun to go downtown during the hustle-bustle of the day. I love seeing the business crowd walking down cobblestone streets and into buildings that are centuries old! Chad and I go downtown often but it’s usually in the evenings for dinner or to wander around and take in the sights on the weekends.

One of the issues that came up at my planning commission meeting was proposed ordinance change regarding electronic signage in an area around the intersection of an interstate and a major state highway. The issue on the table was that places offering accomodations be allowed to utilize electronic signs in this area. I was bothered by this proposal since part of the charm of the City of Charleston is the fact that we do not allow this type of advertising. I was quite surprised to see this come before our board since Charleston has so many regulations to control signage, streetscape, usage, landscaping, development, and even street widths¬†in order to preserve the integrity of our historic (and charming) city. It takes a lot of work to keep Charleston unique and not like the hundreds of cities that blend together along major arteries. Although this change only affected a small area, I was concerned that it opened the door to more of the same. I’m happy to say that the majority of the commissioners felt the same and that the motion did not pass.

This small incident caused me to really appreciate the city in which I live. As I drove home across the majestic Ravenel Bridge and saw the lights of the city and the soaring church steeples in my rear view mirror, I realized that all of this has not been preserved by accident. Generations of residents have worked hard to maintain the integrity of our city. Somehow Charleston has evolved into the perfect place to live. We get to experience the history and wonder of the area while enjoying the amenities and cultural events of a major metropolitan location. What once was a “closed” city run by those who had lived here for generations is now home to people from all over the country and all walks of life. It truly is the best of both worlds!

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