Morning on the Wando River

There’s something about water in the morning. It glistens and sparkles and takes on a color that is different from any other time of day.

I went out to Mitchell Wharf this morning (without a great attitude since it’s still freezing today) to take some photos for work. As I took photos and tried to keep warm, I found myself rejuvenated and refreshed by the beauty of creation.

If I woke up to this glorious sight every morning, would I take it for granted? I sure hope not. It’s days like this that make me remember that God is an artist.  He is the Author of Beauty. I love the feeling that I get when I observe splendour and know that it isn’t a random thing.

After a bad headache last night, I got every bit of sleep possible and I didn’t have time to do my Bible Study before things got cranking in the morning. I’ve felt two steps behind on everything today and it’s only 9:00!  How amazing that He met me by the river this morning and restored peace in my distracted mind and spirit. I truly needed a clearer perspective this morning and He gave me that. Thank You, Father! 🙂

Mitchell Wharf

It’s hard for me to describe how excited I am about the upcoming home site release on Daniel Island.

Part of me is quite nostalgic because I have so many sweet memories of our family playing and picnicking on the beach below the bluff when the land was undeveloped.

We would put on our old shoes and fill an LL Bean bag full of food and bottles of water and head through the brush until we came to an opening. From there it was easy to make our way down to the beach. Someone had tied a  rope to a tree that hangs out over the Wando River and the boys would swing back and forth as best as they could. I remember how little Davis was the first time we went out there. I think I had to carry him down and he didn’t like getting sand on his feet!

It’s weird to think that 13 families are going to build homes on our old “stomping ground” and that the beach will then be off-limits to us 😦

But… what an amazing piece of property! The views are absolutely spectacular and I don’t know of any other property on DI where there is such a nice beach along the river. We loved sitting there, hidden from the world, watching the boats go by. The boys would let the waves lap at their feet but then squeal and run back to the bluff if a boat came by and made the “waves” bigger!

I will post some photos later but this is on my mind today. I went out a few days ago and saw that steps have been installed where we used to clamber down from the bluff.

I’m excited for the people who will eventually live there. I hope a couple of my clients end up buying these lots so that I can always have access to our special beach 🙂

Port Sunset

Colin is obsessed with the Port of Charleston. I don’t say that lightly. He even wanted to have his birthday party there! Colin is 6 and talks like a true authority on all things related to the port. On our way to school each morning we take the 526 bridge over the Wando River. While I enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery and boats, Colin observes what’s happening at the port. Our conversations often go like this:

“Look Mom!! A Maersk and a MOL are there today” or “I wonder why MSC has two cargo ships at port?”

The boy knows how many cranes there are at the Wando terminal, how many ships pass through on a given day, that MSC stands for “Mediterranean Shipping Company”, how many crew members are on a cargo ship during a transatlantic voyage, and that the Emma Maersk is the largest cargo ship ever.

So needless to say, this photo will soon be printed and framed in his room! Chad took Davis to the river to watch dolphins and captured this fabulous photo on his iPhone.

I think it’s pretty cool that little boys love stuff like this. I learn something new every day being in a family of boys and it brings me so much joy. Who ever thought that I would find a port sunset photo beautiful? Well, I certainly do when I can see it through the eyes of my beloved son. 🙂

A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

After church on Sunday, we loaded up the family on our golf cart and headed to Vespa, one of our favorite restaurants on DI. The weather was perfect and we sat out on the patio. Vespa is owned by island residents and the food is spectacular. If you make it there, ask for Kevin — server extraordinaire! He’s wonderful and pays close attention to detail. My personal fave is the Bianca Pizza with a Caesar Salad but the sandwich of the day is usually awesome too.

After leaving Vespa, we went over to Beekman Point where the big boys enjoy playing. Miles basked in warm sunshine and played with grass in the park (nicknamed “Grassy Fields Park” by Colin), while Colin and Davis got to work building their “tree house for animals”.  I’m constantly amazed (and convicted) at how imaginative my children are when they don’t have any toys! Even Miles was entertained by picking up little pieces of grass and transferring them from one hand to the other.  It beats buying new Fisher Price toys for every stage of development!!

Thank the Lord for sunny Sunday afternoons 🙂

Time flies!!

I can’t believe that Miles is almost 9 months old!

How did we get from this:

To this:

In nine short months? I can’t even comprehend it.

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Snow in Charleston!

During the late afternoon yesterday, it started snowing! The excitement in Charleston was palpable. Schools let out early and everyone was talking about the weather.

I had to go pick up my laptop from Jason Charles, the Daniel Island Computer Doctor, and had so much fun bundling up and walking through the snowflakes. I thought that I’d pick up some carryouts from Wasabi (my favorite sushi place) and hit Daniel Island Wine and Spirits to see if the helpful folks there could help me decipher what was in an “Orange Blossom” ~ a tasty drink that I tried last month.

What was fun and charming earlier quickly became a frustration as dozens of residents descended on the Publix parking lot. It was getting dark and many were not used to driving in snow (which had now turned to freezing rain). I’ve never understood why grocery stores run out of bread when it snows. There are many things that I’m sure that I would need if we were stuck in the house for a day or two. Milk, water, batteries — those are the items that come to mind for me!

The snow accumulated through the night. Colin and Davis spent the night with Grammie and Poppy (still on DI) so we didn’t get to play in the snow with them :(. They had a great time and were still out playing at 10:00 at night! They usually go to sleep by 8 so I hope they slept in a little bit for the grandparents.

Chad and I showed Miles the snow and we watched in awe as our neighborhood turned into a wonderland. Grammie sent us photos of the boys making a snowman. It was as tall as Colin and even had a carrot nose! They built it outside the condo on Island Park Drive and several people stopped and took photos of it. The boys were so proud!


Once we put Miles to bed, Chad and I sat by the fire and played Scrabble. We would go outside every few minutes and watch the snow. It was a cozy feeling to be inside where it was warm.

It’s now Saturday morning and the snow is already melting. It was fun to see our world transformed by a blanket of snow but we’re thankful that we will probably be back in short sleeves by next weekend.

Class Parties

I keep asking myself why I signed up to help with both boys’ Valentine’s Day Parties this year.   And I’m still trying to figure out how they ended up on two different days??!

I really did plan to do all the shopping early this year. It was on my list at the end of January. But somehow I never got around to going to Target and getting all the “stuff”.  So, the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind. My house is covered with pink and red items — party favors, goodie bags, cups, plates, dinnerware, teacher gifts, cookies, Valentine’s cards, and LOTS of candy. I can’t wait to be free of it all tomorrow!! One down — one to go…

Seriously, my boys have the absolute best teachers at PCA (Palmetto Christian Academy). Mrs. Emily Faile is Davis’s teacher in K4 and we think the world of her. She engages the children from the moment they arrive at school and her classroom is a very nurturing place.

Miss Aimee Schultz is Colin’s Kindergarten teacher and we are so thankful for her! She has a very gentle way about her that is perfect for children. She prays for our children by name daily and has such a sweet spirit.

Both Colin and Davis love going to school each day and are learning so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day to these special ladies who take such good care of my boys while they are away from us!

They are each a blessing to our family!

Clean Teeth!

I took my five-year old son, Davis, to the dentist yesterday morning to get his teeth cleaned and checked. I have been dreading this visit since Davis isn’t really into doctors, dentists, etc.

Surprisingly, he did a WONDERFUL job! Carrie (our favorite hygienist) kept him entertained with a constant stream of questions and praise for what a great job he was doing. We love the staff at Belle Hall Dentistry! Arlene Oldham and Al Ivester are the dentists who own the practice and they are both dear friends of ours who live on Daniel Island.

I’m so glad that it was a good experience for Davis. He told me last night that he can’t wait to go back to the dentist!!


I’m so excited! It’s a beautiful day today and the sun is shining. I’m at the office getting caught up on a few things and this is the view from my office window:

When I left home, Davis asked me to take a photo of him and Miles. He was in a great mood today! We got to Skype with my parents this morning which absolutely made Davis’s day. He has a special relationship with his Papa and misses him very much. Here’s the photo I took:

I’m heading out shortly to show one of my favorite houses on Daniel Island to some dear friends. I think that it could be perfect for them!

What an awesome day 🙂

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Proverbs 14:4 ~ What??!

Well…. I’ve been praying for contentment lately and this is what I got:

Where there are no oxen, the stall is clean. But much is to be gained by the strength of an ox. Proverbs 14:4

What??? I sat there and stared at the verse wondering why God chose to share this with me (and also why it was even in the Bible!?).

And then I had a moment of revelation!!

Much of my frustration comes from the messiness of daily life with three children. I’m always cleaning up or organizing something or the other. Dirty dishes, endless piles of laundry, toys that seem to multiply by the minute, sticky floors, messy bathrooms, crumbs on the kitchen table, fingerprints on the glass doors, paperwork from school, bills to be paid, shopping that needs to be done — the list is endless. Once we’re caught up, I just feel like we start all over again.

But — Wow! The riches that I gain from having these three little boys in my life are immeasurable. Sure, the stall isn’t clean. And it probably isn’t going to be clean for many, many years to come. But MUCH is to be gained by pouring my life and my heart into raising these little guys.

God — You’re right. You’ve given me these beautiful children. Help me to appreciate them fully and to rest in Your Word. My house will never be perfectly clean and our lives will never be perfectly organized.  These are not the things that matter. Chad and I would lead such a different life without our little guys! We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Help me to realize that our “stall” is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

And MUCH is to be gained by the strength of an ox. 🙂

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I needed that!

Why is it that sometimes life seems like it is speeding past us like a freight train? For days now, I have had the feeling that I am running a race and can’t slow down. In my (albeit abbreviated) morning quiet times this week, I’ve asked God to help me to enjoy being in the moment. To be intentional. I’m scared that I’m going to miss the sweet, important moments that truly matter because life is so busy now.

He gave me a verse that really spoke to me. Psalm 3:3 states that God is the one who “lifts up my head.” I needed that! It made me realize that I am looking at the ground (the mundane) when all I need to do is look up (at the things that really matter).

I do this with my boys all the time. When I need to say something important to to one of them, I place my hand under his chin and gently lift his head so that he is looking up at me. How awesome to think that our God tenderly does that for us — His children.

So — He “lifted my head” this morning. I walked out on my upstairs porch and was instantly amazed by the beauty of His creation.

Thank You Lord, for showing me what I miss when I forget to simply look up.


Here is another photo taken by a much more talented friend (Pat Stuckart) with a camera better than my iPhone! Thanks for sharing, Pat! You can view Pat’s amazing photos by clicking on the link above.

It’s hard to say good-bye

We said our final good-byes to Travis (Chad’s brother), Amy, Lilli, Patton and Aidan yesterday afternoon. As I mentioned before, they are leaving for Uganda where they will serve as missionaries in the village of Bundibugyo.

The cousins had a very sweet time together. We met at Lake Keowee (where Amy’s parents havea  condo on the lake) and enjoyed being with them — trying to soak it all in.

The weather was terrible as we traveled. It amazes me that we had snow and ice in upstate SC! It was well worth the trouble to spend this last bit of time with them.

The photo above was at a gas station in Spartanburg, SC. I’ve never seen anything like it.

We enjoyed a great brunch together and Davis had his first taste of crab legs! We couldn’t get him away from the table. He loved cracking them open and using the “cute little fork” to dip them in the drawn butter. He had strep throat a week ago and lost a lot of weight so we were glad to see him enjoying food again!

Lilli & Colin created a little “store” under a table at the condo. They found items from all over the place and charged us 25 cents for each item we purchased. I had to buy back an apple for a snack yesterday! They said that they were doing it so that they could earn money for Uganda. They named the store AppleBirds and had a ball with it for several hours.

We played Dominoes, watched movies, went for walks around the lake, and played “find the rubber band” (yet another made up game).

I hope the boys will have special memories of our time together. So much will have changed by the time we see our family again. We are confident that God has called them to serve and are excited for all that He is going to do through them.

However, it is still hard to say good bye.

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Please Pray!

Our world has been rocked by news from some of our dear friends.

Their son, Sterling, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. He is almost five years old.

Sterling was a perfectly healthy little boy with two younger sisters (and another sibling on the way) just last week. He has since undergone brain surgery to remove most of a slow growing tumor and is currently in the pediatric intensive care unit. All of this occured in the last ten days.

Please pray for Sterling and his family. They are awaiting results about the tumor from pathology. Supposedly it could take from five days to two weeks (can you imagine having to wait that long?) to find out if it is malignant. Pray for healing for Sterling, strength and comfort for his parents, and the surgeons and other doctors would have wisdom and discernment.

His parents have shared Isaiah 40:11, Psalms 34:8, and Hebrews 10:23 with their friends. The verses are below:

Isaiah 40:11 – He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arems and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.

Psalms 34:8 – Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that takes refuge in Him.

Hebrews 10:23 – Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.

Sterling 2


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More Photos of the Boys

All right… many of you have asked me to post new photos of the boys. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Miles earlier today:


Miles a couple of weeks ago: 


 Davis’s first day of school:


Colin and his friend Sam in Greenville.


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A Weekend with Friends

What an awesome weekend! Our dear friends came to visit us and we had a ball. We try to get together every August and spend a weekend together. Since we just had Miles and couldn’t be far from him this soon, our friends were gracious enough to vacation in Charleston this year. We really had a wonderful time. Some highlights:

We dined at the Chef’s Table at the Daniel Island Club and enjoyed an impromptu menu prepared by Chef Tyler. It was fantastic!

August 2009 iPhone 001

August 2009 iPhone 003


We spent lots of time at the club pool. Chad and I are always at the family pool and realized that we have NEVER been to the pool without our boys!! It was unbelievable to spend time at the quiet, laid back  adult pool 🙂



We also enjoyed a carriage ride downtown from the Palmetto Carriage Company. We were lucky to be able to tour through the residential neighborhoods and see some gorgeous historic houses. If you ever take a carriage tour, you shoudl request our guide — his name is Reid. Our tour was fabulous!



Dinner downtown at Hank’s was as good as it gets! I got the curried shrimp house special. It was fantastic! Chad got seared scallops over grits which were awesome too. Dessert was Banana Cream Pie.





Our friends loved the burgers at Poe’s tavern on Sullivan’s Island. We did too!