An Overview of Mitchell Wharf

I’ve posted about Mitchell Wharf before. It is one of our favorite spots on Daniel Island! I took some photos today that I wanted to share along with the pertinent information. I shot them with my iPhone so please don’t comment on my photography! 😉 An aerial photo and site map are at the bottom of this post.

1552 Wando View Street – ZB16

.26 acres ~ SOLD

1548 Wando View Street – ZB17

.24 acres ~ $240,000

1544 Wando View Street – ZB18

.30 acres ~ $295,000

1540 Wando View Street – ZB19

.41 acres ~ $425,000

1538 Wando View Street – ZB20

.92 acres ~ $1,295,000

1536 Wando View Street – ZB21

.66 acres ~ $1,125,000

1532 Wando View Street – ZB22

.41 acres ~ $900,000

1528 Wando View Street – ZB23

.40 acres ~ $875,000

1524 Wando View Street – ZB24

.37 acres ~ $850,000

1520 Wando View Street – ZB25

.34 acres ~ $795,000

1516 Wando View Street – ZB26

.28 acres ~ $750,000

1492 Wando View Street – ZB27

.31 acres ~ $800,000

1488 Wando View Street – ZB28

.28 acres ~ $775,000

1484 Wando View Street – ZB29

.29 acres ~ $775,000

1480 Wando View Street – ZB30

.28 acres ~ $800,000

1476 Wando View Street – ZB31

.37 acres ~ $850,000

1472 Wando View Street – ZB32

.87 acres ~ $1,325,000

1466 Wando View Street – ZB33

.26 acres ~ $260,000

1462 Wando View Street – ZB34

.34 acres ~ SOLD

1458 Wando View Street – ZB35

.29 acres ~ $245,000

1454 Wando View Street – ZB36

.28 acres ~ $240,000

Here is an aerial shot. It helps with orientation and you can see how BIG the water is. All of the lots on deep water have dock permits in hand.

This is an artist’s rendering of the area. It’s going to be beautiful!


Morning on the Wando River

There’s something about water in the morning. It glistens and sparkles and takes on a color that is different from any other time of day.

I went out to Mitchell Wharf this morning (without a great attitude since it’s still freezing today) to take some photos for work. As I took photos and tried to keep warm, I found myself rejuvenated and refreshed by the beauty of creation.

If I woke up to this glorious sight every morning, would I take it for granted? I sure hope not. It’s days like this that make me remember that God is an artist.  He is the Author of Beauty. I love the feeling that I get when I observe splendour and know that it isn’t a random thing.

After a bad headache last night, I got every bit of sleep possible and I didn’t have time to do my Bible Study before things got cranking in the morning. I’ve felt two steps behind on everything today and it’s only 9:00!  How amazing that He met me by the river this morning and restored peace in my distracted mind and spirit. I truly needed a clearer perspective this morning and He gave me that. Thank You, Father! 🙂

Mitchell Wharf

It’s hard for me to describe how excited I am about the upcoming home site release on Daniel Island.

Part of me is quite nostalgic because I have so many sweet memories of our family playing and picnicking on the beach below the bluff when the land was undeveloped.

We would put on our old shoes and fill an LL Bean bag full of food and bottles of water and head through the brush until we came to an opening. From there it was easy to make our way down to the beach. Someone had tied a  rope to a tree that hangs out over the Wando River and the boys would swing back and forth as best as they could. I remember how little Davis was the first time we went out there. I think I had to carry him down and he didn’t like getting sand on his feet!

It’s weird to think that 13 families are going to build homes on our old “stomping ground” and that the beach will then be off-limits to us 😦

But… what an amazing piece of property! The views are absolutely spectacular and I don’t know of any other property on DI where there is such a nice beach along the river. We loved sitting there, hidden from the world, watching the boats go by. The boys would let the waves lap at their feet but then squeal and run back to the bluff if a boat came by and made the “waves” bigger!

I will post some photos later but this is on my mind today. I went out a few days ago and saw that steps have been installed where we used to clamber down from the bluff.

I’m excited for the people who will eventually live there. I hope a couple of my clients end up buying these lots so that I can always have access to our special beach 🙂