Concert in the Park

The Concert at Smythe Park was absolutely fantastic this year!!

The music was fabulous and spending time with friends was pretty awesome too. All my photos were taken on my iPhone so they are pretty awful. BUT… you can get an idea of what it was like.

I love this event! Soon after we moved into our home overlooking Smythe Lake, the first concert at Smythe took place. It was an immediate hit! I couldn’t believe that this great event was right out my front door.

Now, it seems that people attend from all over Charleston.  In fact, one of our teachers (who lives in Mount Pleasant) came to the concert to celebrate her 12th anniversary. In years past, we have had to bring our own food. The spreads were amazing. This year, there was the option to purchase food from local vendors. Many still prepared their own food but it was great to have this option.

The boys had a ball (as usual). They ran into friends wherever they went. When we went to the concert back in 2007, I remember them being so little. Now, they acted like old pros 😉 This is a photo of Colin with my mom.

Davis wanted a photo too and Miles was too busy playing with his sippy cup to notice me.

We are really blessed to be able to take part in such fun events! I’m so glad that we continued with the Concert in the Park even though the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has fallen on hard times. The Jazz ensemble did a super job and everyone loved it!

Mitchell Wharf

It’s hard for me to describe how excited I am about the upcoming home site release on Daniel Island.

Part of me is quite nostalgic because I have so many sweet memories of our family playing and picnicking on the beach below the bluff when the land was undeveloped.

We would put on our old shoes and fill an LL Bean bag full of food and bottles of water and head through the brush until we came to an opening. From there it was easy to make our way down to the beach. Someone had tied a  rope to a tree that hangs out over the Wando River and the boys would swing back and forth as best as they could. I remember how little Davis was the first time we went out there. I think I had to carry him down and he didn’t like getting sand on his feet!

It’s weird to think that 13 families are going to build homes on our old “stomping ground” and that the beach will then be off-limits to us 😦

But… what an amazing piece of property! The views are absolutely spectacular and I don’t know of any other property on DI where there is such a nice beach along the river. We loved sitting there, hidden from the world, watching the boats go by. The boys would let the waves lap at their feet but then squeal and run back to the bluff if a boat came by and made the “waves” bigger!

I will post some photos later but this is on my mind today. I went out a few days ago and saw that steps have been installed where we used to clamber down from the bluff.

I’m excited for the people who will eventually live there. I hope a couple of my clients end up buying these lots so that I can always have access to our special beach 🙂

Weekend Fun!

What a great weekend!

My brother in law and his family are in town from Boston this week and we’re really enjoying spending time with Travis, Amy, and “the cousins” (Lilli and Patton). We had an awesome weekend! The boys are loving having little playmates in the house and it’s so nice to catch up with Trav and Amy. We rarely get to see their family anymore. They used to live right near us in Charleston but Travis did his residency in Asheville, NC and they moved to Boston last year so that Travis could get his Masters in Public Health at Harvard. They plan to head to Uganda in January where they will serve as missionaries!! They visited Uganda a couple of months ago and we sat spellbound while they shared their stories and showed us their photos.

We visited a friend’s church on the peninsula on Sunday and then spent the afternoon having a picnic at White Point Gardens on the Battery. They day was absolutely gorgeous! The four children got to wrestle with the Dads, run around, climb on the cannons, play with puppies, and chase bubbles. They invented water games and played hide and seek among the huge oak trees.


Days like these remind me of why I love living in Charleston! 🙂

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Weekend Wrap-Up

What a glorious weekend! The weather was perfect and we had nothing planned other than to spend time with the boys. It couldn’t have been any better.

Yesterday we had a picnic at River Green Park. We enjoy going there because it is pretty secluded and has spectacular views of the marsh and and golf course. The boys brought their fire engine and garbage truck and had a ball pushing them through the lawn and chasing one another. Colin decided that he would pack our picnic lunch so we had a very eclectic mix of food!


I woke up feeling a little under the weather this morning and, by the time I had made our pancakes and eggs, we were running late for church. Unfortunately we did not make it, but we watched a video Bible Study: The Domino Effect that was created by our friends at Wayfarer Minstries ( and had a great discussion. The boys have spring pictures at their preschool tomorrow so we headed to the mall. We had lunch at Jason’s Deli (the boys loved the ice cream below) and found some great new shoes at Stride Rite and some fun spring clothes. We let the boys run the show and they had a ball making decisions about everything. 🙂


I love weekends. They are truly a time to slow down and enjoy life. The boys made “clubhouses” in the playroom where they covered several chairs and a table with blankets and created a series of “rooms”. They have played in there for hours!! They even took our Coleman electric lantern in there and pretended to camp out. It’s so much fun seeing their imagination at work! They are so creative with everything that they do.

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