Colin in the News!

I have to share the following article from the Daniel Island News about my budding angler. Captain Peralta was awesome and so was Poppy Johnson 🙂 The photo is small but my boy was REAL proud!

Fishing is a thread that ties the generations ~ by Greg Peralta – June 16, 2010

When my children share memories about their grandfather, the dialog often includes fishing. Thankfully, they enjoyed many fishing trips with my father and there is a significant pool of memories from which they can recall. In my experience, fishing is a thread that can tie generations of a family together. So when Terry Johnson called about a fishing trip with his grandson Colin, I was very keen to make the trip happen.

Given bad weather and conflicting schedules, we finally fished together last week. Prior to meeting Terry and Colin at the boat landing, I launched the skiff and caught several dozen shrimp with a cast net. Recently, the redfish, trout and flounder have had a definite preference for shrimp. With the live well full, I returned to the boat landing and found Terry and Colin waiting on the dock. Colin walked up, looked me in the eye and politely introduced himself. I was immediately impressed. We loaded up the skiff and made a short run to our first location. After staking out the skiff, I hooked a shrimp on a ¼ ounce jig, cast the line and handed the rod to Colin. Before I could get a rod ready for Terry, Colin caught his first redfish. It was small, but the excitement was great. After a quick picture, we released the fish. On the next cast, Colin caught a black drum. Two casts and two fish, Colin was proving to be quite the angler!

A steadily increasing southwest wind forced us to move to a small sheltered creek. The falling tide was concentrating fish in deeper channels. I staked out adjacent to a channel and had Terry and Colin cast to the deeper water. The bite was steady, but not great. At least we were out of the wind. After a brief casting lesson, Colin began casting and catching fish on his own. Colin was attentive, well behaved and a very quick study. He was also fast becoming a very good angler.

Slowly working the jig/shrimp combination through the channels, kept us in steady redfish action. Most were in the 18 to 20 inch range with a few larger fish mixed in. As the sun rose, it became unbearably hot. Rather than bake in the afternoon sun, we called it a short but memorable day.

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