Concert in the Park

The Concert at Smythe Park was absolutely fantastic this year!!

The music was fabulous and spending time with friends was pretty awesome too. All my photos were taken on my iPhone so they are pretty awful. BUT… you can get an idea of what it was like.

I love this event! Soon after we moved into our home overlooking Smythe Lake, the first concert at Smythe took place. It was an immediate hit! I couldn’t believe that this great event was right out my front door.

Now, it seems that people attend from all over Charleston.  In fact, one of our teachers (who lives in Mount Pleasant) came to the concert to celebrate her 12th anniversary. In years past, we have had to bring our own food. The spreads were amazing. This year, there was the option to purchase food from local vendors. Many still prepared their own food but it was great to have this option.

The boys had a ball (as usual). They ran into friends wherever they went. When we went to the concert back in 2007, I remember them being so little. Now, they acted like old pros ūüėČ This is a photo of Colin with my mom.

Davis wanted a photo too and Miles was too busy playing with his sippy cup to notice me.

We are really blessed to be able to take part in such fun events! I’m so glad that we continued with the Concert in the Park even though the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has fallen on hard times. The Jazz ensemble did a super job and everyone loved it!

Snow in Charleston!

During the late afternoon yesterday, it started snowing! The excitement in Charleston was palpable. Schools let out early and everyone was talking about the weather.

I had to go pick up my laptop from Jason Charles, the Daniel Island Computer Doctor, and had so much fun bundling up and walking through the snowflakes. I thought that I’d pick up some carryouts from Wasabi (my favorite sushi place) and hit Daniel Island Wine and Spirits to see if the helpful folks there could help me decipher what was in an “Orange Blossom” ~ a tasty drink that I tried last month.

What was fun and charming earlier quickly became a frustration as dozens of residents descended on the Publix parking lot. It was getting dark and many were not used to driving in snow (which had now turned to freezing rain). I’ve never understood why grocery stores run out of bread¬†when it snows. There are many things that I’m sure that I would need if we were stuck in the house for a day or two. Milk, water, batteries — those are the items that come to mind for me!

The snow accumulated through the night. Colin and Davis spent the night with Grammie and Poppy (still on DI) so we didn’t get to play in the snow with them :(. They had a great time and were still out playing at 10:00 at night! They usually go to sleep by 8 so I hope they slept in a little bit for the grandparents.

Chad and I showed Miles the snow and we watched in awe as our neighborhood turned into a wonderland. Grammie sent us photos of the boys making a snowman. It was as tall as Colin and even had a carrot nose! They built it outside the condo on Island Park Drive and several people stopped and took photos of it. The boys were so proud!


Once we put Miles to bed, Chad and I sat by the fire and played Scrabble. We would go outside every few minutes and watch the snow. It was a cozy feeling to be inside where it was warm.

It’s now Saturday morning and the snow is already melting. It was fun to see our world transformed by a blanket of snow but we’re thankful that we will probably be back in short sleeves by next weekend.

I needed that!

Why is it that sometimes life seems like it is speeding past us like a freight train? For days now, I have had the feeling that I am running a race and can’t slow down. In my (albeit abbreviated) morning quiet times this week,¬†I’ve asked¬†God to help me to enjoy being in the moment. To be intentional. I’m scared that I’m going to miss the sweet, important¬†moments that truly matter because life is so busy now.

He gave me a verse that really spoke to me. Psalm 3:3 states that God is the one who “lifts up my head.” I needed that! It made me realize that¬†I am looking at the ground (the mundane) when all I need to do is look up (at the things that really matter).

I do this with my boys all the time. When I need to say something important to to one of them, I place my hand under his chin and gently lift his head so that he is looking up at me. How awesome to think that our God tenderly does that for us —¬†His children.

So — He “lifted my head” this morning. I walked out on my upstairs porch¬†and¬†was¬†instantly amazed by the beauty of His creation.

Thank You Lord, for showing me what I miss when I forget to simply look up.


Here is¬†another photo taken by a much more talented friend (Pat Stuckart) with a camera better than my iPhone! Thanks for sharing, Pat! You can view Pat’s amazing photos by clicking on the link above.